Dara Birnbaum / Keith Haring / Jayson Musson / Parker Ito / Katie Torn / Trudy Benson / Gary Panter / Caroline David / Kytten Janae / Hannah Ness / Travis Egedy / POSE / Aaron Garber-Maikovska / Owvbics / Kyle Warfield Alexander Page / Don Fodness / Aoife Dunne / Sessa Eglund / Kim Gordon  / Peter Sutherland /

Bodacioussss presented work from over twenty artists who not only challenge the definition of art but also change the ways in which art is produced and consumed. Unlike artists of the past century, whose works were validated through recognition in museums and galleries, the artists here move fluidly between physical and digital worlds, fine art and commercial arenas, and refined and popular styles. A hallmark of our age, many of the artists represented here present cultural and intellectual issues with deliberate playfulness and absurdity. This exhibition also provided an alternative perspective on what is commonly called “post-internet” art by contextualizing younger, digital artists within an earlier generation of artists who also pioneered an informal, or DIY, style of art-making. The word “bodacious” derives from combining “bold” and “audacious.” In a nod to the vernacular of text messages, the extra esses were added for emphasis.