This series includes a photograph for each month that I have been in love with Kristin. Before I started dating her, I had entirely stopped taking pictures due to a theory-driven disillusionment with representation and perception in general.


I’ve been in love before and it always felt like a bit of an illusion; like there was a bit of smoke and mirrors to the whole relationship that held it together. I was also in love with photography - with the romantic potential of photography - only to learn/decide that it, too, was a false representation of a truth.


With Kristin though, I’ve learned to let go of the idea that photography can’t tell a truth or “the truth.” Our relationship is a shared and constantly changing truth, and so if I can perceive that and know that, I can photograph it.


I chose this selection of photos and objects from a wide array that I have amassed over the last year and a half or so since we met, and really aimed to show both the light, whimsical side of how we love one another and the more serious, ‘adult- level’ commitment we have made to each other.


All the intellectual concerns of mine regarding photography have been debased by falling in love with Kristin and reutilizing the camera as an impulsive, expressive and emotive tool. She has made me a more impulsive, expressive and emotive person, and has helped me to know myself so that truth has become an experience and not a concept to analyze.