Don’t die



You can not win or lose the game

You do not get to choose whether or not you play

Falling into a deep existential crisis is normal

There are no things only representations of things

You count as a ‘thing’



Learn about the universe and the planet and humankind and try not to freak out



This work is supposed to be about ‘everything’. About people, about the universe, about absurdism and metaphysics and the tarot and the occult and the internet and all other reasons  I constantly question my perception and existence.


I am overwhelmed by the universe. I am overwhelmed by my relation to it, by your relation to it, by the fact that we have no idea why we are actually here, as, as like beings. Why the fuck are we on this little rock hurtling through space, a giant infinite expanse of unknown, and there are SO MANY of us and even if I read about Bohm’s holographic model of the universe and allow myself to see the interconnectedness of everything and to accept and explore the idea that we might be a projection of a deeper level of reality, or that tarot cards really do work, or that who I am is somewhat determined by the position of the planets when I was born - there’s still no answer to the why.


We literally don’t know anything. If you look at how human modes of perception and representation have evolved over time, even just the last 200 years, what we are perceiving now is not ‘actual reality.’ It is only what our brains are capable of perceiving at this time. It’s an illusion and ultimately your own subjective consciousness is the only thing you will ever know and then you will die and ultimately have no idea why you or anybody else ended up playing.