Taylor Balkissoon, Untitled (tossing shoes)


For Summer Games 2016, BMoCA commissioned artist Taylor Balkissoon to create an installation to mark the finish line for the Boulder Underpants Run. Balkissoon invites all visitors to participate in her piece, Untitled (tossing shoes) by bringing decorated or undecorated, personal or thrifted athletic shoes to toss up on wires in support of Black Lives Matter, the social, ideological and political intervention that asserts the value of black lives in all spheres, campaigning for an end to violence towards black people and building communities of allies.


Balkissoon describes the piece saying, “I am interested in enacting social awareness by highlighting the variety of quality of shoes as a backdrop for a larger awareness of privilege, race and success in general, and in the sphere of athletics. This piece explores the clash of the urban association of shoe tossing placed in a wealthy, predominately white community and seeks to turn these latently racist popular interpretations of shoe tossing into an act of understanding and appreciation.”



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Photos by TJ Jerrod